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Or whole life assurance.

This is the only type of insurance really worthy of the name assurance as it is the only insurance that assures the policy owner that it will pay out!
  This is because it runs for the whole of your life and pays out on death. So as long as the premiums are maintained then the cover continues indefinitely. As such this plan will run into old age and therefore coupled with the fact that there is a certainty of payment gives rise to higher premiums than term insurance where payment is only made if death occurs within a certain timescale.

You can pay for Whole of life policies by either regular or lump sum single premiums. They may be non-profit, in which case only the guaranteed sum will be paid on death, or with profit where the amount payable is the sum assured plus any profits that have been allocated to the policy by the life company up to the date of death. You can also have unit linked plans and these will pay the sum assured plus any additional value from the investment performance of the units.

With all whole of life policies there are two elements, the cost of the life insurance cover, which is higher in the early years, and the investment element which may be low in the early years but then builds up. This is taken into account but it does mean that once the fund reaches a sufficient level premiums can be funded, this is known as self funding. It has been know for Whole of Life Plans taken early enough are able to become self funding by retirement which means the policy holder can continue enjoying the benefits of cover without the expense.

These policies will also have additional options such as critical illness, permanent disability and permanent health cover however these will be treated as extra cost options, but it does make the plans very flexible.

Whole of Life policies can be very useful in providing a funds to meet Inheritance Tax Bills. The premiums will normally be covered by the annual exemptions, and by writing the policy in trust for the beneficiaries, the proceeds should fall outside the taxable estate.

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