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Critical illness cover is one of the most valuable add-ons available for life cover.
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What is critical illness cover?

  If you are diagnosed as suffering from one of the specified critical illnesses (see below) or in some cases disabilities during your chosen term and, as a stand-alone product, survive for at least 28 days, you will receive a guaranteed lump sum.

These plans will normally only pay out once and then end. You can however get plans that will pay out the Critical illness benefit and continue to provide life cover. Though these plans will be more expensive than what is called first event plans, in a lot of cases the increased cost is far less than you would expect. This type of benefit is also known as cover buy back option.

Specified Critical Illnesses and Disabilities

The following illnesses or disabilities are purely an indication as to what is available in the market place. Some plans have this level of conditions covered though some plans do not. With this in mind if there are particular conditions that you would like covered in your plan you should check the key features document to ensure that they are. You could also inform your adviser.

Alzheimer's disease before age 65.
Aorta graft surgery.
Bacterial Meningitis
Benign brain tumour.
Cancer (most malignant types).
Coronary artery by-pass surgery.
Heart attack.
Heart valve replacement or repair.
HIV/AIDS from assault.
HIV/AIDS from bloody transfusion
HIV/AIDS from occupational duties or accident
Keyhole Heart Surgery
Kidney failure.
Loss of independent existence
Loss of limbs.
Loss of speech.
Major organ transplant.
Motor neurone disease before the age of 65.
Multiple sclerosis.
Parkinson's disease before age 65.
Permanent and total disability before age 65 (any occupation or own occupation definition).
Pre-senile dementia before age 65.
Third degree burns.

The one very important thing to remember about critical illness insurance is, normally regardless what the outcome of any condition you still get the payment. That is a very important point to remember as it means that if you have a heart attack for example and get better the life company should still pay out the sum assured as long as a specialist confirms that you have indeed suffered a heart attack.

Now obviously policy conditions and wording differs from company so always check that your policy does exactly what you want it to do and if you are unsure get you Independent Financial Advisor to have a look at the policy for you.

If you don’t already have a critical illness policy then make sure you get full Independent Financial Advice on all the best critical illness products and plans available for you and your situation.

Most critical illness policies are taken out to cover mortgages, as people understand the value and importance of protecting a debt. Think if something was to happen to you how easy would the recovery be if you had no mortgage to worry about?

Beyond mortgages however you can still have this sort of protection, a lot of people think, and quite rightly so, what would happen if I die? Well think what would happen if you don’t?

That is just what critical illness plans are for, they are for what happens if you suffer something serious and you don’t die, you might still be unable to work but your family won’t have the benefit of any life cover as you have not died, not very nice to think about but never the less very important to consider. As it is a valuable benefit the premium does reflect it, but a benefit that is more than worth having especially with the advances of medical science. It is quite a testament medical science to having these conditions and still living, you just have to consider the financial impact of events like this, especially when you look at the extent of the conditions covered by some of the companies.

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